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Wireless LAN Software

Wireless LAN (Local Area Network) Software uses radio waves that allows you to connect your computers and mobile devices without the use of wires or cables. This convenient infrastructure gives end users, whether it be your staff, clients, or employees the flexibility to move throughout the coverage area and still be able to connect securely to the network.


Contact us for assistance with installing your secure Wireless LAN connections. We are capable of managing all sizes of wireless networks.  This provides our clients with various options in how you and your clients can access resources and information.



Client Advantage

At IntegriSoft, our experts are available to support your business needs, whether you are looking to for a more efficient way to collect and manage client data and contacts, track inventory, or refine communication. 

Key Features & Benefits




Your staff can effortlessly utilize the

ease of mobility of wireless LAN to

securely access your network’s

databases, applications, documents, and

check email even if they are not at their



As your company or organization

evolves, wireless capabilities can make

it easier to transition your office space

to support your growth. 


Easy Installation


Since a wireless LAN does not require

using wires or cables through a location,

the installation process can be expedited

quickly, saving you time and money.

Network Security


We understand how vital it is to keep

your network's data secure.  Regulating

access to your wireless LAN is cruical.

Updates in the wireless technology

industry provide more secure protection

that only allow the users that you

approve to gain access to your network.  

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