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IntegriSoft, LLC is one of the prominent development companies specializing in customized Mobile game development and Mobile application development. We have an exclusive Research and Development center for Mobile Technology.


We have already proven our expertise in providing services on multiple mobile platforms such as IOS, Android, Win CE/ Pocket PC, MS Smartphone, BREW, Blackberry, Symbian OS and Palm OS over the last 10+ years.


Our services within the mobile technology industry include, game and application development, porting testing, and game engine development.  





Everyday people use mobile technology to interact with their clients, staff, and colleagues.  We develop custom mobile applications that will support your business or organizations objectives by creating a convenient and secure way to stay connected to your users.


Increase Business Value


Consumers are steadily utilizing the convenience of mobility as a way to communicate, make purchases, play games, and more.  We develop mobile applications that allow you to transform mobile consumer activities into profit earning opportunities.


Reporting & Analysis


Our clients utilize advanced analytics

and reporting features to track application

usage.  This will allow your business or organization to learn more about your

users.  Analyzing this data will assist you

with making refinements to customize

your user’s experience.  Utilizing these

key reporting tools will help you to

increase in-app sales, conversions and user interactions within your app or game.

Technologically Advanced


As mobile technology evolves, our mobile application development services are always up to date.   We work diligently to ensure that the apps are compatible with current devices.  



Key Features & Benefits
Client Advantage
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