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IntegriSoft, LLC was founded by Chief Executive Officer, Darrick Addison

The company is an Information Technology (IT) and consulting firm that provides software engineering, meeting our customer’s most demanding requirements, and data communications solutions for high performance computing systems. IntegriSoft has been designing and developing custom software applications since 2001.


IntegriSoft provides products, services and computer networking solutions to assist our clients in developing, managing and maintaining customer management process procedures, data warehousing requirements, and connection-oriented or wireless telecommunications systems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to successfully execute project management and custom software engineering solutions to our clients on time and within budget.  Our experienced firm focuses directly on the customer's most demanding requirements.  



Key Industries

We target our products and services

to various industries including:


  • Banking and Financing

  • Federal and State Government

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Telecommunications

Business Solutions

We Offer Efficient Solutions in:


  • Database design

  • Wireless LAN software

  • Real-time Embedded Software

  • Consulting

  • Mobile Applications Development

We provide business solutions based on proof of concept as well as quality assurance and rigorous testing methodologies.


We are an Information Technology firm optimized to plan, design, develop, maintain and support our customer's software development, data warehousing, client/server web applications and real-time embedded systems products and services.

Skills & Programming Languages

Our engineers are MCSD certification  holds a certification as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).  This certification shows that is skilled in designing, implementing, and administering infrastructures for business solutions based on Microsoft Server requirements. 


Microsoft Windows NT internals and the development of Windows drivers.


Programming language experience includes Visual C, C++, Java, MFC, GNU C/C++, Fortran, Pascal, and Perl 5 and Python scripting. Experience with operating systems includes DOS, Windows 9x/NT/2000, VMS, and Solaris, Irix, OS/2, UNIX SUN OS, Red Hat Linux. His relational database experience includes DBASE, Postgres SQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, MYSQL Server FoxPro and SYBASE. GUI development experience includes Python and TCL/TK and X Windows.

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