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CEO of IntegriSoft Darrick Addison’s Advice for Learning a Programming Language

As an individual with over 20 years of experience in the field of information technology, CEO of IntegriSoft, LLC, Darrick Addison understands the challenges of software development. He knows that software engineering is an intricate and lengthy process, but the results speak for themselves. At the core of software development is the wide range of programming languages, all of which are important to the successful design and implementation of software. Darrick Addison has several tips to share for individuals who are interested in learning programming languages.

Darrick Addison recommends that you take a formal class to start your programming language education. Programming languages are incredibly detail-oriented, which often cannot be learned without formal instruction. Some languages, such as HTML, are easier to learn if you have a good understanding of patterns. He also recommends that you take a class in order to get the most comprehensive knowledge possible.

Another tip from is to practice what you have learned. There are a range of outlets for practicing coding, many of which are as simple as entering your code into a box to see how it produces images and words. A simple web search will reveal numerous websites where you can practice coding.

Darrick Addison also emphasizes patience while learning programming languages. He knows that these languages are as complex as they can be confusing, so he reminds learners to keep this in mind. Eventually the language will make sense, but it may take some time to get to that point. He also stresses being patient while writing code. He knows how exasperating it can be to write a code that doesn’t work, but also knows that when his codes work, it makes the tedious writing process worth it.

For further information on learning programming languages, Darrick Addison recommends the links listed below.


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